Faculty Advisor: Dr. Sherman

President: Tanner Weaver (T_weaver2@u.pacific.edu)
VP Programming/Professional Affairs: Henna Singh (H_singh15@u.pacific.edu)
VP Finance: Jonathan Tang (j_tang14@u.pacific.edu)
VP Membership: Taylor Okazaki (T_oakazaki@u.pacific.edu)
VP Legislative Affairs: Ryan Lin (R_lin10@u.pacific.edu)

At the national level, the National Community Pharmacist Association (NCPA) is an active advocate for the community pharmacist and independent pharmacy owner seeking to provide quality patient care through legislative reform and mentorship.

At the local level, Pacific NCPA actively promotes community pharmacy through entrepreneurship, leadership, community involvement, and enabling students to participate in national conferences and competitions. From community heath screenings to legislative involvement, NCPA strives to build a strong foundation of experiences and unique networking opportunities for future pharmacy leaders. For example, through access to student mentorship programs, industry guest speakers, and independent pharmacy visits, Pacific NCPA student members are empowered with the knowledge needed to compete in a rapidly evolving industry.

Equally important, Pacific NCPA continues to foster entrepreneurship without losing sight of providing quality patient care by involving student members to participate in numerous health screenings and NCPA-sponsored community outreach programs in under-served communities.