Please follow these procedures when planning events on campus. You may view and download the University of the Pacific – Policies and Procedures 2016 for your reference. Failure to comply will result in consequences including but not limited to the cancellation of your event. There will be no exceptions made.

  1. Check the ASP calendar on the website. Look to make sure that the event being planned does not conflict with any other events or with scheduled classes.
  2. E-mail the current APhA-ASP VP of Student Affairs directly with the event name, which group is hosting it, date, time, and anticipated location. The subject line to your e-mail should be CALENDAR UPDATE: Hosting Group – Event Name.
  3. Please note that the ASP calendar will be updated based on a first come first serve basis. Please allow at least 72 hours after your e-mail has been sent for a response. E-mails regarding planned events are encouraged to be sent at least two weeks in advance.
  4. Contact the OSA office and fill out the room reservation form (either online or on paper) and turn into Carmen (in-person only).
  5. Send a follow-up email to the APhA-ASP VP of Student Affairs with the location only after booking the room with Lupe.

New changes (as of 2017):

A request should be made two weeks prior to your event.  Fewer days may result in a higher per hour guard rate (if overtime is required to fill).
Here are guidelines that would require a guard:

  1. The doors to the building will remain unlocked during the event.
  2. The event will have 100 or more people in attendance.
  3. The event has attendees who are not SOPHS students, alumni and/or the event has professionals who are not associated with one our professional programs.

If your event falls under any of the above, you must email the completed Security Email Request Form to Dave McAuley (at to request a guard.