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POYSE’s mission is to promote youth interest in higher education in the Stockton community, using pharmacy students as role models and mentors. This program aims to create and maintain strong bonds with local schools and to connect passionate pharmacy students with the youth of Stockton to provide, early on, the resources to obtain higher education and the paths taken to reach those goals. In the past, POYSE has held higher education workshops at local high schools and middle schools, interactive health fairs with elementary schools, and a Mentorship Day filled with one on one mentoring with pharmacy students and workshops on higher education and health careers. Each member has the opportunity to, at any time, make an impact and that is the culture that we intend to continue. The co-chairs are meant to facilitate and create an environment for students to serve. No bureaucracy, no hurdles, just results. Former United States President John F. Kennedy said it best when he declared, “€œChildren are the world’s most valuable resource and its best hope for the future.”€ We are blessed to be in the position we are in, and it is our responsibility to give back and help those kids that may not have been afforded the same opportunities. Our mission is simple: If we can just divert one path from negative to positive, if we can positively affect one child, we have collectively achieved our purpose as a committee, student pharmacist, and human being.