Faculty Advisor
Dr. Patel

P2 Co-Chairs:
Channon Nguyen: c_nguyen125@u.pacific.edu
Nghi Nguyen: n_nguyen81@u.pacific.edu

P2 Project Managers:
Michelle Chu
Carolyn Pham

Pacific PharmAssistance is an innovative, service-based advocacy committee founded in 2012 at the Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. The goal of Pacific PharmAssistance is to serve as a resource to patients who are having difficulty paying for their medications by acting as a link to community resources and Patient Assistance Programs, assisting patients in continuity of treatment through increased access to necessary medications at affordable prices. Whether patients are underinsured or uninsured, Pacific PharmAssistance will serve individuals through one-on-one consultation, personalized resource mining, and collaboration of local medical offices, drug retailers, and pharmaceutical companies to find the lowest cost for a patient’s drug regimen. We will serve as a source of information, hope, and assistance to those for whom language, geography, or ability may present barriers to treatment. We will use our resources as drug experts and our unique position within the community to serve those who are most in need. Our mission is to reduce the financial burden of drug treatment so that patients will never have to decide between paying for their medications and paying for their economic survival.

Contact Name: Dr. Rajul Patel
Address: 751 Brookside Road, Stockton, CA 95211
Email: ppa@pacific.edu

Phone #: (209) 280-0946