Faculty Advisor
Dr. Guerrero

P2 Co-Chairs
Kelly Pham (k_pham34@u.pacific.edu)
Kyle Kha (k_kha1@u.pacific.edu)
P1 Co-Chairs
Trang Nguyen (t_nguyen251@u.pacific.edu)
Brianna Nguyen (b_nguyen56@u.pacific.edu)

P2 Project Managers
Irene Chia
Soo Yeon Kim

Pauline Nguyen
Harriet Do
Jessica Wei

P1 Project Managers
Angela San
Amy Vu
Sally Tran
Talar Yetenekian
Grace Ko 

Operation Self-Care is an active committee on campus, since nearly 60 million Americans get heartburn every month. The committee is involved in promoting heartburn awareness in the community through screenings and educational sessions in various venues. During the screenings, they do an initial assessment of the patient looking at diseases, drug allergies, medications as well as the frequency and severity of their heartburn symptoms. After making sure that their symptoms are, in fact, due to heartburn, they then recommend both pharmacologic therapy and lifestyle modifications.