Faculty Advisor
Dr. Ndungu

P2 Co-Chairs
Hesuny Sou: h_sou@u.pacific.edu
Felicia Pham: f_pham5@u.pacific.edu

P2 Project Managers
Simran Atwal
Jaquelyn Huynh
Nancy Nghiem
Carolyn Pham

Heart Disease is the No. 1 cause of death in the United States. To this end, Operation Heart conducts cholesterol, glucose, and blood pressure screenings for the community at countless health fairs, provides consultations on cardiovascular disease, and educates the public on how to live a heart healthy lifestyle. Last year (2015-2016 year), they screened 1,728 patients and assessed their 10-year risk for cardiovascular disease. Operation Heart not only highlights the invaluable role of pharmacists in public health, but also employs the skills and services pharmacists are trained to provide.