Faculty Advisors
Dr. Nareeta Sharma

P2 Co-Chairs
Isabel Shiang: i_shiang@u.pacific.edu
Brittany Wong: b_wong29@u.pacific.edu

P2 Project Managers
Kaitlin Vo
Michele Truong
Ryan Lee
Rajvir Singh
Tejvir Nijar
Andrew Kim
Amy Nguyen
Yujin Choe
Thai Nguyen

Diabetes is a serious lifelong disease that affects more than 16 million people in the U.S. alone. As pharmacists, we will be a major source of information and therefore, it is important to keep abreast on the latest developments on diabetes. The members of this committee volunteer at local health fairs, fundraise money for prevention and research, teach students the proper method of using blood glucose monitors, and invite guest speakers to keep students informed.