Faculty Advisor
Dr. Patel

P2 Co-Chairs:
Kevin Le (k_le29@u.pacific.edu)
Vincent Man (v_man1@u.pacific.edu)

P2 Project Managers:
Steve Parathathu
Vivian Wang
Trixy Ibis
Amin Tatla
Jeffrey Chen
Eileen Thio
Marina Rosales
Ryan Lin
Gabriel Cokro
Kimberly Gee
Matissa Peng 

This committee is dedicated to educating the public about the role of pharmacists and the use of legal and illegal drugs. This committee also holds “brown bagging” events where patients can bring their medications in for review. Its members participate in Antibiotic Resistance Awareness Week, Red Ribbon Week, Poison Prevention Week, and Katy’s Kids, an educational outreach program aimed at elementary school children.