Faculty Advisers
Dr. Norton & Dr. Kersey 

P2 Co-Chairs
Faith Long (f_long1@u.pacific.edu)
Christopher Lam (c_lam21@u.pacific.edu)

P2 Project Managers
Athena Hagan
Kaitlyn Chao

Angela San
Christopher Ha
Eric Daniels
Hyunju Jenny Lee
Rebecca Kim
Cesar Lopez

The main focus of the AIMRx committee is to bridge a gap in our pharmacy curriculum by researching the safety and efficacy of alternative and complementary medicine and providing such information to our fellow colleagues and the community. At community health fairs, we educate the community about the safe use of supplements and proper labeling practices of alternative medicines. For our fellow colleagues, we have planned a long line-up of future guest speakers and workshops over this next year that will focus on different topics in alternative medicines such as traditional Chinese medicine, botanical supplements, and massage therapy to inform them about the advantages and disadvantages they may prove in our pharmacy practice.

Here is a link to their website: aimrx.wordpress.com/