Pacific Homecoming Parade

Two years ago, APhA-ASP Pacific participated in its first homecoming parade here in the Stockton community with an amazing float recognized by APhA national! This year, we came with sheer enthusiasm and pride. The crowd went wild!!   Pacific Homecoming Parade Album

Orange Army Photo

Each year, APhA-ASP Pacific does their signature Orange Army Group Picture and proceeds to distribute their “Swag Bags” which contain goods for each and every student. In addition, they receive an amazing American Pharmacist T-shirt designed this year by Richard Wong! Orange Army and Swag Bag Distribution Album

Pharmacy Fair

APhA-ASP continues its annual pharmacy fair tradition on the undergrad campus giving students in pre-pharmacy program exposure to all the professional pharmacy organizations, committees, and fraternities available on campus! Pharmacy Fair Album

Co-Chair Initiation

Congratulations to the new APhA-ASP co-chairs! We look forward to the new ideas and greatness you’ll bring to Pacific these next two years! Thank you to our VP of Professional Affairs, Claire Kim, for hosting the event! Co-Chair Initiation Album

SJPhA Welcome Back BBQ

We hope everyone enjoyed our SJPhA Welcome Back BBQ! Shout out to our VP of Legislative Affairs and of course our sponsor, the San Joaquin Pharmacy Association, along with their president, Dr. Alex Kang! SJPhA is a HUGE sponsor to UOP and their students and we hope that this event allowed our Read more…