Faculty Advisor: Dr. Carlos Vallalba-Galea

President: Ashley Chow (a_chow7@u.pacific.edu)
Vice President of Internal Affairs: Cherry Deng (c_deng6@u.pacific.edu)
Vice President of Professional Affairs: Ryan Dang (r_dang2@u.pacific.edu)
Vice President of External Affairs: Klara Kim (k_kim55@u.pacific.edu)
Vice President of Media & Marketing: Carissa Leung (c_keung6@u.pacific.edu)
Vice President of Finance: Sam Chan (c_chan45@u.pacific.edu)

Our mission is to assist and provide quality health services to the underserved African American community in Stockton. We host health fairs where we provide health screenings, education, and referrals to local health providers.