Faculty Advisor: Dr. Young & Dr. Ranson 
President: An Tran (a_tran63@u.pacific.edu)
VP Professional Affairs: Katrina Hua (k_hua@u.pacific.edu)
VP Finance and Fundraising: Vivian Wang (v_wang5@u.pacific.edu)
VP Membership: Beatrice Gabriel (b_gabriel@u.pacific.edu)
VP Legislative Affairs: Harkeerat Sidhu (h_sidhu2@u.pacific.edu)
VP Finance: Vivian Wang (v_wang5@u.pacific.edu)

VP Public Relations: Emily Tran (e_tran18@u.pacific.edu)

ASCP is a professional organization promoting the practice of consultant pharmacy, which involves pharmacists offering expert advice on medication use and therapy management which enhances the quality of care for patients. Consultant pharmacists ensure that their patients’ medications are appropriate, effective, and used correctly. They help identify, resolve and prevent medication-related problems that may interfere with goals of therapy and patient safety. The Pacific chapter of ASCP is dedicated to educating students about career options related to consultant pharmacy, providing opportunities to network with professionals, and getting students involved in advocating for the improvement of geriatric healthcare.

Website: http://ascppacific.weebly.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ascppacific