Faculty Advisor: Dr. Andrew Haydon & Dr. Stephanie Manley

President: Jessica Vuong (j_vuong4@u.pacific.edu)
VP of External Affairs: Qimin Li (q_li4@u.pacific.edu)
VP of Internal Affairs: Eileen Thio (e_thio@u.pacific.edu)
VP of Membership and Public Relations: Sarah Park (s_park43@u.pacific.edu) & Victor Tran (v_tran31@u.pacific.edu)
VP of Finance: Ngoc Mai Nguyen (n_nguyen105@u.pacific.edu)
VP of Media & Legislative Affairs: Valerie Huey (v_huey@u.pacific.edu)

The Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (AMCP) is a professional organization comprised of pharmacists and associates who serve patients by promoting good health with the use of rational drug therapy. The primary principle of the “managed care” mentality is to provide both realistic and quality healthcare to all patients. Focusing on both clinical and economical aspects highly increases compliance and thus improves the wellness of our patients.