VP of Membership and Finance

Nanki Bains


Collaborates with other ASP board members to create a budget for the upcoming school year

Updates, maintains, and monitors the budget throughout the academic year

Processes reimbursements in a timely manner and keeps record of all reimbursements and other expenditures for future reference

Organizes textbook sales and distributions to students

Manages White Coat sales in the Spring semester

Assists in organizing the Senior Photo shoots and arranges for everyone to get their pictures taken for the year book

Runs the membership drive by promoting and encouraging all pharmacy students and pre-pharmacy students to join (ideally 90% of the pharmacy student population)

Takes attendance at every ASP General Meeting, MRM, Outlook and Annual conferences and keeps an accurate record of attendance to refer to for Honor Cord credit

Responsible for Honor Cord eligibility and ensuring that all students who received it have met the requirements

Manages the Bank of Stockton Checking account (i.e. writing checks and making deposits)