Vice President of Membership and Finance

Leyla Saechao

Involvements: WC4BL, Student Representative on Faculty Committee


– Collaborates with other ASP board members to create a budget for the upcoming school year

– Updates, maintains, and monitors the budget throughout the academic year

– Processes reimbursements in a timely manner and keeps record of all reimbursements and other expenditures for future reference

– Organizes textbook sales and distributions to students

– Manages White Coat sales in the Spring semester

– Assists in organizing the Senior Photo shoots and arranges for everyone to get their pictures taken for the year book

– Runs the membership drive by promoting and encouraging all pharmacy students and pre-pharmacy students to join (ideally 90% of the pharmacy student population)

– Takes attendance at every ASP General Meeting, MRM, Outlook and Annual conferences and keeps an accurate record of attendance to refer to for Honor Cord credit

– Responsible for Honor Cord eligibility and ensuring that all students who received it have met the requirements

– Manages the Bank of Stockton Checking account (i.e. writing checks and making deposits)