Logan Sam


Involvements: Phi Delta Chi, VSP, Phi Lambda Sigma


– Ultimately responsible for all APhA-ASP activities, events, and officers

– Acts as liaison with APhA-ASP National in Washington D.C.

– Presides over all general and executive meetings and prepares agendas

– Submits quarterly and annual Chapter Achievement reports and documented events to APhA-ASP National in conjunction with the Executive Advisory Committee

– Responsible for overseeing and appointing students to serve on joint faculty/student and Ad Hoc committees

– Promotes and organizes APhA Region 8 MRM and APhA Annual meetings

– Represents the University of the Pacific Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences and its student body at professional association meetings and school events

– Assists the other APhA-ASP Board members in planning and executing professional projects and social events

– Collaborates with presidents from other organizations on the pharmacy campus to encourage uniformity