2020-2021 Senior Board
President: Thien-Loc Nguyen
Formal Chairs: Chance Glaves, Irene Chia, Shameem Bath
Fundraising Chairs: Flora Pham, Raveena Sohal, Sandy Li
Senior Auction Chairs: Jason Hong, Justine Do Huynh, Kristi Phan
Treasurer: Jennifer Jung
Public Relations: Michelle Chau

  • Acts as the class spokesman and liaison between the class and the APhA-ASP board and instructors
  • Responsible for sending weekly e-mails and postings of upcoming events
    • Brings the class together by hosting various events throughout the year
    • Plans and executes fundraisers, including big ones like Senior Auction to raise money for the senior class
    • Plans and executes the Senior Class Banquet
    • Raises funds for the Senior Class Gift and Senior Class Banquet
    • Chooses an appropriate Senior Class Gift
    • Interacts with the entire class, and considers their views before making decisions
    • Works with faculty and the faculty adviser to accomplish the tasks stated above